How to Increase Your SEO Efforts on Your Website

The importance of a properly optimized website can not be understated. When you simply toss a website online in the hopes of traffic finding you, they need to navigate the other million websites in your niche before they can find you. The more attention you place on SEO, the more you climb the organic search results in all the major search engines and attract targeted traffic.
Here is a simple blueprint for optimizing your website to get more organic traffic provided from Charleston SC SEO gurus over at;

1. Start with keywords, because this will be the life blood of all your efforts. Get this wrong, you sink in the ranks, but get it right and you see a steady growth in traffic. The key here is finding long-tail keywords that have very little in the way of competition but get a decent amount of global searches each month.

2. Never dump all those keywords you found on the homepage of your website and assume the search engines will easily find your content. In order to maximize your SEO efforts, you have to be willing to add fresh content daily that is centered around your keywords. Choose one, write an article, upload, repeat tomorrow.

3. Find the meta fields in your website in the admin section and be sure to fill them all out correctly. This means the meta title, description, and keywords, must match the content on that specific page. Get this right and the search engine spiders will crawl your pages more easily and then index and rank them often.

4. The home page of your website is where you have to spend a considerable amount of time in your SEO efforts. Since the majority of traffic will be landing on that page, move the most relevant content above the fold, eliminate clutter, and be sure your navigation bar gets them to where they need to go is the fewest possible clicks.

5. Social media is all the rage right now, so in addition to posting links to your new articles on those platforms, be sure you have social buttons installed on your website. New traffic may be so impressed with content they want to share it with their audience, and in one click you get exposed to a global audience. This can play out several times a day if you are adding relevant content readers want to see.

These are very powerful SEO tips that will start bringing in more targeted traffic each day in growing numbers.


Buying a Boat Advice for First Time Owners

If you have caught the bug and need to get your own boat, don’t make the biggest mistake most first time boat owners suffer time and time again. Don’t buy on impulse, regardless how great the deal might appear. You have to at the least sleep on the deal and try to pay close attention to the following tips before you wind up making a mistake that is going to feel like you are just throwing your money in a hole each month.

Boats SaleConsider these first time boat buying tips to get the deal of the century before heading out to the boats sale:

1. Don’t assume you are getting the best deal at the boat dealership. There are plenty of slightly used boats with little hours on the engine you could get for a fraction of a new boat and still possibly get the manufacturers warranty too.

2. Take the time to go to a few online sites and see what new versus used boats are costing. There may be someone selling the exact boat you want to buy new for thousands less.

3. Think for a moment about all the benefits of buying a used boat. Not only does the owner want to sell it cheap, you could score a trailer, fishing gear, safety gear, upgrades, and other things that would have set you back a nice penny.

4. Go out with friends who own boats, and see if the boats they own are all they expected. You might find all those accessories you needed are just a waste of money that could be spent on things like a bigger engine or even marina fees.

5. Go to a local boat show with a list of questions and don’t be afraid to ask as many as possible. Everyone at that boat show was new to the industry at one point, and that community welcomes new boaters into the fold all the time. This is where you will get the most relevant answers to those questions and concerns you have.

6. Shop around at Craigslist for a local deal and go there with your homework in hand. Haggle down the price until you feel comfortable or walk away. If the seller wants out, they won’t let you get away from the deal today.

These are tips for the first time boat buyer that should at the least show you that there are some options out there that could save you quite a load of cash. For more information on where boats are for sale in your area visit

Where to Find Information on the Best Realtors

Finding your dream house all hinges on being able to work with the best realtor who has the experience to help you connect with the right home. With so many realtors to choose from in your town, the process of finding the best can be a little overwhelming at first, so the following information, provided by real estate Charleston SC professionals at Premier One, should help you to find all that information so you can make a more informed decision.

Charleston Real EstateThe first place to look for the best realtors in social media. Facebook is a popular forum for realtors to not only show off their expertise, but to show off their knowledge too. All you need do is join one of many local groups on Facebook and you will find people in your community talking about everything realty related. The realtors that take time to chime in and offer help without demanding you hire them are usually worth a second look. You can even ask a question and see which realtors respond the fastest with the most relevant answers too.

After you have a decent list of the best realtors in your town, now is the time to dig just a little deeper. Take a look at their social pages, from Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook. You will see houses they have shown, houses they have sold, and more importantly, feedback from people who have worked with this realtor before. When you see the majority of comments positive, chances are excellent this is a realtor who takes pride in delivering for their clients.

These online sources will also show you how to negotiate real estate commissions. Be sure you talk with a realtor before signing anything, many are not participating in this practice. The realtor will provide you a piece of their pay in exchange for working with them to close the deal on your house. No strings, no application, no credit check, just a check at closing for choosing the right realtor.

Take a look at where the local real estate office is advertising, whether the local paper or through the mail. They will often highlight a few houses, so pay close attention what realtors face keeps popping up more than the others. When a realtor has several listings going at the same time, they are busy and that is exactly who you want to be working with. A busy realtor is not taking this job lightly, they are out working their tails off making new connections and moving property faster.

These are just a few places that you should be looking to find the best realtors in your town. This is a relationship that you want to get off on the right foot, so taking time to do your homework will assure you have your best foot forward.